Adubi Mydaz J.O.Makinde, a professional visual artist, was born on the 1st of September, 1978, in Nigeria.
He is a self-trained visual artist whose works has continued to witness patronage by galleries at home and abroad, private collections and art institutions.

Adubi's early discovery of his creative ability from childhood served as a great advantage that has paid off through the years. His mother's dressmaking shop was adjacent to a sign writer's studio. This sign writer's studio of many colors and Adubi mother's work on vivid multi-patterned fabrics, no doubt had a profound influence on this budding artist from the toddler age.  His love for what Adubi calls "scrambled abstraction, geometry, vibrant colors, and overall design abilities" were developed during these early years.

He sustained and improved his artistic skills graciously until after he finished high school and, met a remarkable realism master artist named Mr Tope Fatunbi in Ibadan, who agreed to show him secrets of the trade.  Adubi's apparent commitment to all that is art got him the responsibility of the assistant manager to Topfat Art Gallery in Ibadan, Oyo State in 1999-2000. This would be one outstanding milestone in his professional steps into the noble career of fine art.

Now a graduate of History and Diplomatic Studies from Olabisi Onabanjo University, he also has diploma certificate in Public Relations from the same alma mater. While in the university, Adubi compliment his studies by nourishing the passion for his evolving talent with research in African sculptures, art and great artists, during which period he observed works of the masters and tries to experiments whatever he had collected to be profound techniques of painting and, performs latest tricks he has learned from art books.

He loves to create new works with the hope of inspiring others. These works more often than not addresses ideas about philosophy of life, psychology of mind and, contemporary topics of 21st century human stories of which he is a firsthand witness.  He has since nurtured himself as a professional artist whose work has had remarkable realization in oil, acrylic, charcoal, and other media. Adubi's colorful rendition changes in relation to the theme he chooses to explore and, his depiction and stylization of an austere figurative composition, giving voluptuous form to enigmatic faces whose ethereal heads and bodies seem to flip right off the surface of canvas is a leading modern Coptic art approach which is highly attractive to established artists and is being sought after by art collectors and galleries of modern and contemporary African art around the world.

Since 2006, Adubi has consistently participated in several group shows and art fares in Lagos and across the country and, he is known as a master colorist within the art circle. He proceeded to establish his art career with two impressive solo exhibitions in 2013 and 2015 respectively in Lagos, Nigeria and is still counting.

Sometimes, it seems Adubi aims to poke everyone in the eye with equal potency no matter what his or her perspective of life might be. His works as a medium of giving form to therapy (amongst many other purpose of art) are best suited mostly for corporate environment, institutions and homes where great minds must be re-awaken time after time. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria where he currently practice full time fine art painting from his private studio.